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Seems like every day I say or just think the phrase at least once... "It's Just Stupid". So many things just don't make sense to me happen every day and the world just keeps on going by without anyone seeming to notice.  Why is it that the majority of people act like lemmings and never question authority? I've created this blog to point out some of these "stupid" things that should be questioned.  If enough people did question these things then maybe change would take place.  Think of the big, bright light that the police helicopters have when searching for the bad guys. If this concept could be used and shine the big bright light on where the big money is being made, the roaches would scramble!

Don’t just let the stage be set for you by the special interest groups that are in it for the money or the power.  Speak up and be heard!  This mass media that we have instant and constant access to can be the portal that can get the word to everyone.  Viral videos reach millions in a very short time.  If this means is used properly and the right message is presented, things could change for the better.

Hang in there and think outside of the norm.


It’s Just Stupid